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Software Isn't Hardware in Disguise

I've been working on a writing project since June, answering the question recently put to me (again and again) by businessfolk after a project reached a stage of stability ... "Why does this project still need developers."

The answer, which at first seemed obvious, led me in some interesting directions centering around the mindset behind the question, which I think comes from looking at software as more similar to hardware than it really is.

The first section of the project is Tending the Software Garden -- Part I; more to come as time permits


Software analysis and revision

Reminds me of a book I read waaay back, "Designing Freedom" by Stafford Beer. In addition to pointing out that problems discovered in one recursion cannot be 'solved' until the next recursion - or they would have been designed out of the system before launch - he discusses the eventual reshaping of any energy system that is gradually constrained. A wave that approaches the shore is forced to ramp up it's mass and spend it's energy in turbulence.
I hope you can find some open ocean for your talents, and leave these spin doctors in the shallows, where they won't be a hazard to navigation! Take it easy, but Take It, padraig