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Computing in the (EC2) Clouds

I'm changing employers, and before I did I visited the new folks to get a feeling for what I was getting into. Turns out I came away with more than I bargained for ... Danny, a client had asked Tom, a developer to look into the Amazon web services, and Tom's summary, while old news to some of you, made a major shift in how I'm thinking about system deployment.

Virtualization ... the process of hosting multiple images of computers on a computer... is an old friend, but it turns out that Amazon is putting virtualization on demand with their EC2 (Elastic Computing Cloud) service. It works like this:

1. Sign up and give them a credit card
2. Get your cryptographic keys or challenges
3. Select a Linux system image (they like Fedora) or make your own (I like Ubuntu)
4. Run the image on their system

Their system is very virtual ... and can add capacity on demand. It puts the "no" in NoMachine, another favorite of mine.

I'm putting together my first image as we speak and hope to have more t say once done. But it looks very promising, if beta.